Think: Task Chair

My previous desk chair was an "Executive Chair". I purchased it from Staples over 12 years ago. This was before I went to university, and at the time, all I knew about sitting in chairs, and working at desks was from 45 minute classes in school. And they were rigid plastic chairs. So, executive chair sounded pretty fancy and cool. I distinctly remember it costing around £80 which at the time I thought was incredibly expensive. But now? Not so much. However, after supporting me for more than a decade it's really started to show it's wear.

Additionally, after working in fancy tech offices with £900 chairs, I've come to appreciate some of the finer things in office life, such as lumbar support. The main issue with this (and many) executive chairs, is that the angle the back makes with the seat is fixed. So, while you can lean back in the chair, your knees also elevate.

So called task chairs on the other hand allow the back of the chair to recline while the seat remains as it was. This means you can actually lean back in your chair. In general, task chairs offer a lot more customisation than executive chairs. The most significant of which is the seat depth, which when shortened, meaning the front of the seat is closer to the chair back, forces you to sit with a better posture. The overall effect being that it's comfortable to sit for longer. Not that this is necessarily good for you, but if you're going to work at a desk for 10 hours a day - it's best to have a good chair.

So if you're gonna drop a chunk of money on a chair, which is the best one? Well, that really depends on you. The best thing to do is to visit show rooms and sit in the chairs for as long as you can. I was fortunate enough that my previous employers have had both Herman Miller's Aeron and the Steelcase's Think, and I preferred the Think.

The Think has a fabric mesh back, which is very nice during the hot summer months.

I find the Think the most comfortable because I can really feel the lower back support, which is enhanced by this adjustable doo-dad.

ChairCostLife Expectancy
Staples Executive Chair£8012-15 years
Steelcase Think£600+I'll get back to you.
Posted on Apr 29
Written by Daniel Thorpe